The Science of genetics is rapidly evolving, entering, and transforming both our physical lives, as well as our mental understanding of life. Life (re)Appearing (2019) is set as the starting image, as it goes the deepest back in time: what is falling from the sky are Schreibersite crystals, contained in meteorites and the likely source of Phosphorus in the primordial soup that gave rise to DNA/RNA in the first place. Diverging from convention, I am presenting here a series in progress, and, in particular, including also sketches of future work and studio shorts of work in progress. It is my hope to be able to show this series within a context that can also create discussion around the hopes, dreams, fears, and questions that everyone may have on this very important and timely theme. Should you be interested in working with me, or otherwise have a suggestion for a venue, I would very much appreciate ideas and comments. Please visit the contact page to find out how to reach me.