These colorful sculptures, or paintings on a negatively curved surface (e.g. a Hyperbolic Plane), started as a mathematics exercise. Some years ago Daina Taimina, a mathematician at Cornell University, showed that the Hyperbolic Plane may be embedded in Euclidean space using crochet. She went on to construct incredible collections of crochet mathematical spaces, inspiring, amongst others, the global Crochet Coral Project by twin-sisters Christine and Margaret Wertheim. It is through their TED talk that I first became interested and made Bleached Coral (2014) and Fukushima Coral (2014). From these experiments, I became interested in the color properties of this particular structure, focusing now on pieces that create a color experience for the beholder. The sculptures are made with washable, high-quality merino wool, so that they can be touched and freely rearranged. It is in the rearranging that a color experience unfolds.